Sunday, December 30, 2007


Well, the bronchitis is seeing its last I think; my ribs are much better, and I think that we are seeing the end of the stomach flu at our house (keeping my fingers crossed, Lydia & Bruce haven't gotten it yet, but somehow the dog did). I've even done my stairs workout a couple of times and my ribs only complained a little. I think I'm going to try running again next week. Yay! There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I can't believe how big I am getting with this pregnancy already. I just barely hit three months along yesterday (Hooray for second trimester! Although pregnancy wise the first trimester was a breeze. I'm getting good at this pregnancy thing I guess.) Anyway, as I was saying, I just barely hit three months along and I'm already in maternity clothes, and not much else. Almost none of my regular clothes fit me anymore. I seriously hope that it's because this is #5, and not because I'm just getting fat. Well, enough about that. Sufficed to say that I'm feeling much better. I only hope that I didn't annoy anyone too much with my pitiful complaints. Sorry!


lizS said...

yeah, well you can add me and john to the stomach flu thing. and erik and i got a sinussy sore throat thing too. jonni is over whatever she had though. we are home now (hurray for my bed!!), and getting better. hope bruce and lydia stay well! love ya!

Trever & Heather said...

So, glad you're feeling better!

Don't take the baby countdown thing off your page again- I was stressed that you weren't blogging or feeling as good because you had miscarried. (I'm always stressed about this when someone's pregnant, myself included) So I was very glad to see it back on again. Whew!

Renae said...

Heather, sorry for the worry! I lost all of my links and other widgets when I changed formats. I didn't even think about it worrying anyone.