Saturday, December 01, 2007

Lament For Hot Cocoa!

Alas, my tub of hot cocoa mix is empty,
and the last mug from the set that we got when we were married is broken!
I had 14 at first. The bowls all died long ago, and I only have a few plates left.
Worry not though, I can make more cocoa mix, and there are other mugs in the world.


Malauna said...

So, now I'm intruiged. What is the recipe for your cocoa mix? I love hot cocoa!

And I personally think it is better to use (and break) wedding gifts with your children than keep them in the box.

Beth said...

So do you use Amy's cocoa mix?

Renae said...

I wouldn't use anything but Amy's recipe. It is the best!
Here is a link to the recipe: