Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fool's Jokes

My brother Todd pulled a funny one on M&D. He had them going that he and Suzanne (new wife) were expecting. Hook, line and sinker! What a meany!

This of course reminds me of the best April Fools joke that I ever pulled. This was five years ago, when I was three days past my due date with Mark. John & Liz, Bruce & I and Ross & Lydia in the double stroller were out for an evening stroll. I was pushing the two young ones, in hopes of inducing labor. (It didn't work.) We were saying that it was a shame that we hadn't pulled any pranks in honor of the day. Well a plan began to form. We were only about a block from the the apartment of the sister missionaries from John & Liz's ward. (Bruce & I were in a different ward, so they didn't know us at all.) We walked over to their complex and everybody, except the children and I, hid in the stairwell. I pushed the kids up to their door, and knocked. The sisters answered, and I told them that I was lost. I said that I had a friend somewhere in the complex, but I couldn't remember which apt. I told them that I was in labor and needed help. I got them to let me in to use the phone to call someone for help. I faked a phone call. I played it up really well. They were totally falling for it! It was hilarious. Eventually J&L came to the door and rescued me. It was too funny! I slay me!

Anybody else have any good ones? Tell us!

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Anonymous said...

todd rocks!