Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Another Cool Thing

Boy, am I full of it today! We had our stake choir Easter program on Sunday. I may be a total geek, but I love stake choir. Our director is Fabulous! Oh to have such talent! -excuse me while I wax philisophical- I'm learning, however that we need to not worry about what talents we don't have and be greatful for the ones we do have and do the best we can with them. We each have our own role to play in Heavenly Father's plan that no one else can do. We need to be ourselves, and be the best ourselves that we can. What an insult to our Creator to spend our time whining about the gifts we don't have, and not to discover, develop and love the ones that He has given us. -okay, I'm done.- Well, the program went well. For being a church choir, we are darn good! Emily does such a good job! Anyway, the great part is that Harlan & Georgian came! I nearly did a little dance of joy right there on the stand when I saw them come in. Harlan was my piano teacher in college. He's one of my very favorite people in the world. Truly. Such a great teacher, and a great man! Love him so much! Georgian, his wife is a perfect compliment to him too. She's great! Anyway, yay yay yay! I may be a dork, but it totally made my day, week, month, I don't know. I've really got to go now. See you!


Anonymous said...

wow! harlan and georgian came! that's AWESOME!!! did they have a good time? well, of course they did, the stake choir always rocks these days. that is something i definitely miss up here in peoria. a good choir!

DanaCheryl said...

Hey Girl, Looks like you've had a lot of things going on lately. Sister Holbert and I went trash picking one night with an investigator. We got some really good stuff including a desk chair, table, and shelves. E-ville rocks when it comes to trash!! ha ha! Wish I could have made it to your choir performance. You guys really are awesome. Life at your house seems to be pretty busy. Are ya still finding time to run?

Renae said...

I'm still running! I don't think I could remain sane if I didn't. I've been going with my early bird group twice a week. And since the whether turned nice, I've been putting my two youngest in my running stroller and running with them on the off days. Mark likes to get out and run along side from time to time. I'm training him already! True, he slows me down, but I don't mind. Running behind that stroller is hard work! I can't go that fast pushing them anyway. He'll run for about half a trip around the block at a time. It gives me a nice break!

Anonymous said...

I recently opened a credit card account using the internet, with the number tr5-89776-rs551001976. For some reason they wanted verify that your social was 343-98-7243 ... I told them it was, did I get it right? also isnt your home adress 900 Qst, Alberque, NY 77290?
I only ask cause I have some medical records that I need to send to you and they are of a very very sensitive nature and I need to make sure they get to the right place... and you recently converted to the Mormonites right? So are you attending the big mosque on the corner by the hotdog factory, or the little one by the airport? anyhow just asking... Your kids, do they like Mr. Elfhame thier teacher at Garba Hieghts elementary? I heard he is not a good person... Do you still have that outstandng criminal record for conspiring to practice medicine with out a lisecence or did the insurance finally buy into the line about they other guy consenting after all? and did Dana ever hear about what you called her that one time... I thought it was funny, but of course I wouldn't ever breathe a word of it to her... I doubt she could carry on with life if she ever found THAT out... whew! but still...

well, like i said it is hard to feel cool when you are pukeing on yourself in the psych ward. Ok great! love ya. hope this does not compromise your security or your plans to visit the EggSalad kingdom!

Love ya-

One of the top 45 minds in this sector of the Galatic Cluster!
(also recently voted the most eligible married hero in this dimension... AGAIN!)

Renae said...