Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Day At The Zoo...(Finally)

Bruce and I took the kids to the zoo yesterday. My in-laws buy us a zoo membership every year. This gets you free parking, into the children's zoo, onto the train, the carousel and things like that. We used to go pretty often. Last summer my children decided they wanted to get a membership to the magic house, so they pooled their money and saved up until they had enough for a basic membership. Since then, we've been going to the magic house more, and not so much to the zoo. This year's zoo membership expires at the end of April, and if you don't use all of your tickets, they are gone. I wanted to take them on their spring break, but the weather was bad all week, so we went to the magic house again. Anyway, we had 44 tickets to blow in one day. We spent the day at the zoo, and the only animals we saw were goats. That's kind of a shame, but oh well, we had a good time. We rode the train, the carousel and went to the children's zoo. We also had a good time giving away tickets. It was fun to see people's faces when strangers get them in for free. Here's our pictures, I couldn't decide which ones to put up, so I just put up a bunch. (It takes forever to upload a bunch of pictures!)

On the carousel:

Bruce had to prove that he could still pick up his whole family at once. Since our last picture like that was taken at the zoo (without Justice), this seemed an appropriate time to take another one. (It's just too bad Amy wasn't there to take it!)

Lydia being goofy:

Here's us at the water squirter things in the children's zoo. Justice was a bit apprehensive about the water shooting up from the ground, but curious, none the less.

Petting the goats:

Ross trying to be a goat:

At the playground: (I'll have to put my funny story about this hippo in later.)

In the water:

Well, we didn't see many animals, but we did have a good time. Next time we go, we'll have to make sure that we actually see the animals.

Okay, here's the hippo story: We were at this playground a few years ago. I was hiding inside the hippo's mouth. I was all scrunched up in the back, so couldn't see out either side, and I couldn't be seen either. I motioned for Trent to get Ross to walk in front of me so I could jump out and scare him. Well, just as Ross was walking by, I lunged out and yelled "RAARGH" Only, right exactly then, a dad type person walked in between Ross and me, so it just looked like I was jumping out at him. He gave me such a funny look- like "What is wrong with you!"


Anonymous said...

omigosh! that looks like such a fun day! that picture of justice w/the water reminded me so much of erik i had to laugh! i'm so glad the good weather finally looks like it might be here to stay, i can't wait to get out w/my family too! we actually went hiking yesterday, as a matter of fact. love you!

Renae said...

Yay for spring!