Monday, April 16, 2007

Me & My Lydia

Went on a field trip with the 3rd graders today. After a week of not-so-great-rather-be-inside-kind of weather, today was wonderful! Awesome weather! Had a great time. When we were getting on the bus, Lydia patted the seat next to her and said "Mom, sit here!" I was very happy to know that my daughter still prefered to sit by her mom! Yay! What a sweet girl she is! Can I just say that I am very lucky to have her! Always helpful! Everyone should have a nine year old girl to help out, especially if you also have a one year old. What a great kid! Not spoiled by the world yet. She has been saying "I'm almost a teen!" a lot lately. Hang on kid, not too fast. Let me savor this a while longer! Ahh, I hope I'm doing a passable job of mothering her. Here she is on Easter. I forgot to bring the camera along today. Darn!


Anonymous said...

lydia is so beautiful! she definitely gets that from you renae! i know she don't get it from bruce!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Girls!!

Seems like ya'll are keeping busy. Love the pics! Hey Liz, do you have a blog? Just wondering if ya do I'd like to add it to my favs. Wow! It's late. I've got school tomorrow. Talk to ya'll soon.

Love ya, Dana

Anonymous said...

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