Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I've been getting really tired of this whole remodeling thing happening in my living & piano rooms. It's been going on since about early February, and it's still not done. There is still a lot to do. Mostly painting now which isn't hard, except that I can't do it unless Justice is taking a nap. (You saw what happened with the dry-wall mud.) So anyway, I've been killing myself with it lately, trying to get it done. I have managed to get my fans made over. I'm really pleased with the way they turned out. I totally copied off of this lady:

I had wondered if you could successfully paint your ceiling fans to change the way they look, and I figured that somewhere out there, there must be someone who had done it, and would have some helpful insights. I turned the blades over and painted the whole thing with Rustoleum's anodized bronze oil based paint. I also bought new glass things for mine, as the old ones were hideous. I did two fans this way. So, here's the before and afters. Well, in reverse order. The paint was about nine dollars, and the glass things were twenty four (I only replaced the glass on one of the fans, the other one wasn't bad.) Total cost for two made over fans: about $33. Not bad! I can't wait until the rest of this whole thing is over! Here's how my day today went: I got up at 6:30, got the Lydia & Ross up and off to school. I then put some tiles up in my entry way. Went for a 5 mile run which is shorter than usual, but I was pushing Mark & Justice in the running stroller, so I think that counts as extra. Shower, feed lunch to the kids, and paint part of the ceiling while the J-Bird was contained in his high-chair. I went to Walmart, made it back just in time for the big kids to get home from school. Painted some more while Justice was napping. Rehung the ceiling fan -which took forever! I don't know why it took so long, but it did. Did last night's dishes & made dinner & helped Lydia with homework & got Ross to take his shower all at once. All the while Justice was climbing into the dishwasher and pulling the dishes out. So, at 8:30, (half an hour past normal bedtime) we finally had dinner, to which Ross totally turned up his nose and wouldn't touch a bite. He made himself a PBJ. Mark sat there with his untouched food and politely asks "Please pass the peanut butter and jelly." Lydia picked at it and then covertly covered her biscuit in jelly and pretty much just ate that. Chloe, our dog, had a feast because Justice threw his all over the room. Why did I bother? And what is wrong with lasagna, it was fine to me. I piled tonight's dishes into the sink. I'm too pooped to care about getting them done tonight. I read stories to the kids and collapsed. I fell asleep in Justices room for a few hours, and here I am. I think I'm getting up at 4:30 tomorrow to run. We'll have to see. I'm not saying all of this to throw a pitty party for myself, I'm just pooped. Well here are those pictures:


On another note, we took Mark to kindergarten round-up last night. He starts school in the fall. I can't believe he's that old already! He was so cute, and so excited about everything at kindergarten round-up. We got to play on the play ground at school. He thought he was big stuff, because he was already very familiar with the playground & the school's layout, having been there many many times with Ross & Lydia. We got to have cookies and milk in the cafeteria, visit the kindergarten classrooms, and meet the teachers. But the part that he liked the most was getting to go for a ride on the bus! He was sooo excited! He knew from his siblings that the back seat was the best, so to the very back of the bus we went, where the bumps are the bumpiest. Such excitement! I'm really going to miss having him around in the fall! Man, what a great kid! So sweet!


One Woman's Cottage Life said...

Wow! Your fan makeover is fantastic! Just a different fan completely...isn't it amazing what a little paint can do? Thank you for sharing the photos and letting me know about your project. You did a great job!

Renae said...

Thank you! Your idea was just the thing! Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

holy hogs, renae, i think you deserve a party! maybe next time we come down, i can convince my hubby to let me have a girls night!! love you!

Amy said...

Okay... that fan? Awesome.

Hey... here's the link I promised to send you for my shop. It doesn't have everything up yet, but you get the idea.

DanaCheryl said...

Hey Miss Creative! Wow I had no idea that a fan could be painted!! Thanks for doing the research that will benefit all the rest of us. :) Oh and Mark is such a little cutie. I can't believe he's school age! Renae, you rock!!! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Where was Mark's Kindergarten round up? I took Daniel to his in S. R. is it possible we missed each other or are you in a different district?


P.S. Daniel won a backpack filled with school supplies! I have to buy almost nothing for him! YAY!

Renae said...

We are going to Parkside. We aren't in the same district. That's awesome that you don't have to buy school supplies! I cringe every year when it's time to get them. It can get really expensive! Kindergardener's especially! By the way, I'm sorry if I took a long to reply. I don't always check down this far on my page to see if anyone has commented. Have a good one!