Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Best Weekend

I've almost been avoiding posting since this weekend, because I had such a great weekend that I don't know how to do it Justice. Amy, my best friend for the past 20 years, kidnapped me. She planned it all out six months ago, and with Bruce's help, they completely took me by surprise! I had no clue anything was going on, until Amy showed up unexpectedly at my house Friday morning and Bruce tossed my packed bags at my feet, and told me to be gone and have a good weekend.

We went on a road trip to Kansas City to go to the Time Out For Women. (An LDS Conference thing for women) It was totally great, and exactly what I needed. I've been having a hard time accomplishing all of the things that need to be done around here. That's usual, but it's been especially bad since we've been doing the remodeling, because I've been trying desperately to get that done too. Anyway, I went to bed Thursday feeling totally frustrated, discouraged, enslaved, and like a total failure. I went to sleep praying, begging the Lord for some relief. Friday morning, Bruce wakes me up (the kids were off school for teacher conferences) and tells me to get in the shower. "No, I just want to lay here for a while." I say. After all, I never get to sleep past about 6:30. "I need a day off!" I told him. Little did I know...

Well the thing was totally wonderful. I cried a lot! I cried when I found out what was going on. Cried some more when I thought how wonderful my Amy was to me, cried some more when I thought about how my prayers had been answered. We also laughed a lot! We got totally screwed up getting from our hotel to the convention center. So many funny things getting in our way of getting there! It should have been about a 10 minute trip, but it took us over an hour. I was cracking up! It all started with us having to go into the hotel and ask how to get out of the parking lot! You know you are in trouble when you can't even figure how to get out of the parking lot! (There was a barricade thing there, and you had to use your room key for it to let you through, only we were putting it in the wrong slot.) Among other things, someone mistook a dumpster for an ATM. It was just one thing after another! We did manage to make it there on time, however and had a great time. Saturday's conference was totally uplifting. I cried a lot more. I told Hilary Week's (famous Mormon musician) that she was "just awful" to her face. I was totally kidding, and she knew it. Sherry Dew was there, Jane Clayson Johnson, Lloyd Newell, and other famous Mormon folks. Anyway, it was great! Though things around here are not doing themselves since I came back, I feel much rejuvenated, and better equipped to handle them. There you have it. I'll stop my foolish gushing.


Anonymous said...

wow! that sounds totally awesome! i knew about the kidnapping of course. i've always wanted to try out the time out for women conference, but have always waffled. maybe next time they are in st louis i will go!

Anonymous said...

Renae, I can't think of anyone who deserves it more than you! Isn't Heavenly Father the best? He promised never to give us more than we can bear. He shows us love through the people around us... Wow! I'm getting all teary-eyed just hearing about your whole experience! You're the best.

Love, Dana

Amy said...

Well, I had a lousy time and I'm sorry I ever cooked the whole thing up. I ended up crying the whole dang weekend... :)

(See? Dana agrees with me... you're the best! Ha!!)