Monday, March 05, 2007

A Jumble of Different Topics

My hair after I had been sanding the dry-wall mud.

Justice fell asleep under the piano while I was playing it.


Self explainitory

Life around here lately:

Our house is currently torn apart, as we are putting up new sub-walls in the piano & living rooms, to add insualtion. My living room is now in the basement. But it'll be so great when it's done! New paint, new rugs, some cool tile things that I'm planning to do, and we'll give the floors a strip & a shine. Can't wait! Then we move on to my bedroom, then the children's bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. Fun Fun Fun.

Amy installed a game called popcap on our computer for the kids, and John & Bruce & I have been playing it a lot. Too funny. We enjoy it, kind of a boggle / scrabble type game.

Here's a link:

I ran 8 1/2 miles of all hills on Saturday. Am I a stud or what? (What.)

We had our 2nd round of the stomach flu within the past 2 or 3 weeks. Yay! The first round got nicknamed the J-Bird Flu because Justice was the first to get it. We passed it on throughout our house, to both of Bruce's parents and to everyone in my parents' household. We were trying to see how many different states we could send the flu to. (of course we weren't trying!) Bruce's dad incubated it on his way to Alabama, we rather ruined his trip. Sarah stopped by on her way out of town to drop off her dog. And our neighbor (who is a pilot, and travels all over the country) stopped by on just as they were leaving for California. Everyone got better for about two weeks, then my neice Jonni came into town and she and two of my boys started throwing up. I hear that we got my sister-in law, Suzanne sick too. Sorry everyone!

Skip this paragraph if you are weak of stomach! This means you, Suzanne :)

Sunday I was awakened at about 4:30 am, by the need of me cleaning up about 3 or 4 barf messes. Joy! So many blankets and sheets to wash! Ugh! I finally laid back down at around 6:00 only to be reawakened by Lydia telling me that Justice had had an explosion up in his crib. Sure enough, his diaper could not contain the massive amount of poo that he had dished out. It was all the way up his back, and into his hair, down both arms, in the crib. More blankets and sheets.

I am happy to report that we are all currently well. (Except maybe Suzanne, again sorry!)

Ross woke up from a nap to say that he dreamed that he didn't exist.

Well that's all I can think of for now, and I really need to get to bed. Running at 5:00 tomorrow morning!


Anonymous said...

I must say your neice is GORG-O-RAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey death breath, i have been meaning to mention to you that 100yrs ago when you had the idea that we should do the mutual blog you were calling tadpoles about all the interesting stories about us as kids, etc-

I thought that was a pretty dern good idea and i still do- its just that when i went to follow the link you sent me something got screwed around in computer land and what with1 thing + another it the link failed.

sooooooo if you are still interested, figger out what we need to do to make it work and let me know

john the angelic

Renae said...

Cool! I'll try to send it again.

Anonymous said...

Renae the Builder...not as catchy as Bob. Still you should look in to doing your own show. Of course, where would you find the time?! Hope everyone is well at your home. Hang in there.

Love, Dana