Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Inevitable

Well, it finally happened! I knew my luck couldn't hold out forever, but the day has finally arrived: I embarrassed Lydia in front of her friends. It happened like this: We, the parents, were supposed to send encouraging letters to our 3rd graders to psych them up for their ISAT tests. (Big meany, scary, nation-wide tests that 3rd graders must take) The teacher smuggles the letters onto the childrens' desks for a nice surprise. Well, this I did, telling her how wonderful I think she is, how loved, etc. In the spirit of "The Kissing Hand," I put a lipstick kiss at the bottom of the page. Alas for sentiment, this was deemed highly embarrassing! She made the "mad toilet flushing" noise at me when she got home. (A noise she makes that's kind of a hiss / growl, which I call the "mad toilet" noise.) I should have known that kissing parents was embarrassing at this stage of development. I used to kiss Ross's hand everyday when he was in Kindergarten. He liked it very much, and it got him through a rough patch of separation anxiety. Oh well, I guess I should join the crowd of "uncool" parents!


Anonymous said...

LOL!! oh my goodness, i laughed so hard i almost peed my pants! poor lydia, and poor renae! love you guys!

DanaCheryl said...

Bless your hearts! Why can't there be a book? Do this don't do that... By the way what's the kissing hand?

Love ya'll, Dana

Renae said...

The Kissing Hand is a children's book about a little racoon whose mother kisses his hand each day, so he can carry a kiss around where ever he goes. Then when he needs it, he just puts his hand on his cheek, and he can feel his mother's love. Or something like that. I've never actually read the book. But Ross sure depended on those kisses on his hand when he was in Kindergarden! He used to worry about washing his hands; I had to convince him that mother's kisses can't wash off. Too cute! How he is growing up. I'm going to get all weapy if I keep this up.