Sunday, April 03, 2011


ALL of my children are outside playing together, completely of their own accord. I love this on so many levels!

In other news, the kids and I cut up a bunch of different colored ribbons and strewed them all over the yard. Not being familiar with the habits of birds, I'm not sure of the timing of the thing, but we're hoping that they use them in their nests. It will be cool to see 1: if they use them; 2: How far will our ribbons go? Will they stay around in our immediate area? Will they travel down the street? Will they wind up around town? We'll be looking for nests with red, pink and blue ribbons woven in.

1 comment:

timpani76 said...

Or the birds will eat them and the ribbons will show up on people's car covered in poop.

Ha ha, just kidding because if the birds did eat the ribbons they would not be pooping at all since they would just die.

Still kidding! I'm sure the world will now be covered in pretty colored nests thanks to you ;)