Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So Much Stuff

Quotes of the week:

1) Ross: "We boys have to be able to laugh off a certain amount of pain."

2) Justice: "He bit me twice and I only hit him on the head. Grammy, I want you to deal with it. I don't want my dad to deal with it."

The other night when we were having a chill out snuggle session on the couch, Justice and Clayton kept pushing each other out of the way so that they could snuggle with me. Poor Bruce, alone on his part of the couch says "Doesn't anyone want to snuggle with me?"

Clayton walked off and came back a minute later with his giant truck. "Here Dad," he said as he tucked the truck in to snuggle with Bruce. He then continued in the Pile on Mommy game.

Today after we dropped Ross and Mark off at school, we paused at a stop sign in front of the clinic where we had Ally spayed several months ago. Ally looked over at that place and growled. Lol! Do you think she actually remembered that place??

Okay here are the pictures from the last couple of weeks, in reverse chronological order. I don't feel like rearranging them, so deal with it.

Here we are in our Easter finery. (We are standing on a hill. I may be tall, but I don't tower over my family quite like that.) You know, it's a mean trick to give kids a bunch of candy and then dress them up in new clothes (courtesy of Grammy) and not let them touch all of that candy, lest they spoil their new duds. None-the-less, two of our boys had gum on their shirts by the time we got to church. Oh, and what does it say when your children develop bed-head while at church?

The kids left out carrots for the Easter Bunny, and they left a note saying "...there is a chocolate egg in the freezer on top of the bacon."

The Easter Bunny wrote back "Thanks, I love bacon!" When the kids checked in the morning, the egg was still there, but the bacon was all gone.

In other news, Lydia did her first triathlon this weekend. Her middle school put it on. As the youngest Zilla, she borrowed my tri-suit and did Team Godzilla proud, taking second place!

Okay, is it just me, or is she totally my daughter?Lydia is also busy doing track. Surprisingly, she ended up being a thrower as well as a runner. In spite of her thin build, she's actually pretty good at it.

Okay, I REALLY owe my sister-in-law an apology! Sorry Liz!!!! People are going to stop allowing their kids to come to our house. It seems that nobody can escape clean. I'll have to do a better job of making sure that they are wearing my kids' old, jumpin' in puddles clothes before going outside. It was too late by the time we found them, so since the damage was done, why make them stop? They were having so much fun! (For the record, I did soak that shirt in spray -n-wash and give him a shower before sending him back to Grandma's house.)

The boys are loving Justice and Clayton's new bunk beds. Ross and Mark haven't slept in their own room since we got these. (Not that they did much of that in the first place. That's why we got the full size bed on the bottom.) Gotta love a good craigslist deal!

This is a nutso hail storm. Bruce stood at the window and shouted "Oh HAIL!" Now the kids have another favorite fake swear. Sigh!

It's that time of year again, and I've been having a ball going on field trips with the kids. Ross' class went to the City Museum. It was a blast! I also went on Mark's field trip, but I left the camera at home. Poo!

Yesterday I tried making my own bubble solution and improvising my own bubble wands (we didn't have any of that stuff around). It was a total bust. I only got one stinking bubble; it started raining on us; and then when Justice and Clayton decided to dunk their heads into the bubble solution, it ended our "bubble" session real quick.


Karen said...

Lydia is getting so big. She's a pretty girl, definitely her mama's girl.

lizS said...

lol! you so don't owe me an apology! it's looks like the boys had way lots of fun. and clothes wash, it's no big deal. ;)
congrats on your music submission! *fingers crossed*

JG said...

Lydia is doing so well in the health dlub department! Go Lydia!

Eyepoke said...

Congrats Lid. and the Erik pics are great!

Dana Cheryl said...

You have a lot of fun at your house. I wanna come over and hang out with ya'll.