Thursday, April 14, 2011


Apparently it is now a requirement for J & C to wear swimming goggles in the shower.

Today as we were driving along, we passed a 'Stop' sign. Justice says, "What is that sign trying to say? I think it's saying 'Stop,' 'cause his family just won't stop talking."

I always tell my children that they are my favorite of whatever age they are. For example, when Mark had just turned five, I told him "Mark, you used to be my favorite four year old, but you aren't any more." Oh how his poor little face fell! "Now you're my favorite five year old!"

Justice has been trying to play along, but apparently he doesn't know how old I am. Last week he kept telling me that I was his favorite 15 year old. "But Justice, I'm not fifteen!"

This week I'm his favorite fifty five year old. :( For the record, I am neither fifteen nor fifty five. I'm somewhere in the middle.

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