Monday, February 14, 2011

Pardon My Toot!

I just finished writing my very first ever (well the stuff that you do as a kid, because your teacher made you, doesn't count) short story! It's not perfect, I'm sure, but it was fun.

You see, I'm the chair person of Mark's class' Valentine's Day party (how's that for a lot of possessive " 's!") and I needed one more game to fill about 20 minutes worth. Mark's been having fun playing Madlibs, so I thought it would be fun to do a madlib kind of story with the class. I looked all over for one that was already made up, or a story that I could easily convert into a madlib, but I couldn't find anything that I really liked. So in the end, I decided that I'd try to write my own. It took me a few hours, but I am pleased with the results.

Here it is:

A Silly, Adlib, Love Story

By Renae Eldridge

February 2011

Here are the words that you will need to complete the story. Choose your own, and insert them at the appropriate places.

Noun 1

Adjective 1

Name 1


Name 2

Verb 1

Noun 2

Verb 2

Noun 3

Adjective 2

Verb 3

Verb 4

Verb 5

Adjective 3

Noun 4

Verb 6

Adjective 4

Name 3

Once upon a time, in a noun 1 far, far away, there lived a (adjective 1 princess named name 1. Every day she and her pet animal,
name 2
verb 1ed through the Enchanted Forest.

She was very happy, but she had a secret, and her greatest fear was that someday everyone would find it out. Her secret was this: When she was very small, a witch had enchanted her so that when ever anyone said the word "noun 2" in her presence, she would automatically start to verb 2. She couldn't help it, and she had to keep it up for the rest of the day! She was afraid that once people found out, they would take advantage of her, and she would be stuck verb 2ing for the rest of her life. Then her subjects would lose all respect for her. For who could love a perpetual verb 2er?

So, Princess name 1 and name 2 spent all of their free time hiding in the Enchanted Forest. If you ask me, this was not a good idea. After all, it was an enchantment that was the source of all of her troubles. So why would she spend all of her free time hiding in an Enchanted Forest? The chances are that she would only encounter more enchantments, and make her troubles all the worse. Oh well, princesses are not always known for their brains.

As luck would have it, one day, as Princess name 1 and name 2 were verb 1ing through the forest, they came across a magical noun 3. A little background information here: The magical noun 3 secretly longed for world domination. Its adjective 2 plan was to enchant all princes and princesses that it could find, leave them hidden helplessly in the forest, and then to transform itself in their likenesses and take their places as Kings and Queens. It hadn't figured out yet exactly how to be in a hundred different places at once, but every day the magical noun 3 worked on creating a spell for just that purpose.

Completely unaware of a plan to disable her, Princess

Name 1 happened along the magical noun 3's path. "Now here's luck!" thought the magical noun 3 to itself. "Dear Princess! How I would love to make your dreams come true! Tell me of your greatest joys, and I shall make them always available to you!"

"What an opportunity!" thought the princess. So without hesitation, she blurted out "I love to verb 3, verb 4, and verb 5!"

Immediately the princess began to do all of these things at once. She was could not stop herself. "Oh magical

noun 3, please tell me how to break this spell!"

Cackling madly, the magical noun 3 crowed "True love is your only hope. It alone has the power to break all enchantments. But I'd give up all hope of that, for who would ever love a verb 3ing, verb 4ing, verb 5ing) freak like you?! Aha ha ha! Aha ha ha! Aha ha haaaaa!!!!!" and the magical noun 3 disappeared in a puff of adjective 3
noun 4.

"Oh name 2!" sobbed the princess. "What am I to do?" I can never leave this forest again! I'll be stuck

verb 3ing, and verb 4ing, and verb 5ing here in this place forever!"

Just then they heard the sound of someone crashing through the bushes. "Quick, hide!" shouted the princess, afraid that someone would see her in her sad state. She verb 6ed herself behind a tree and peered out to see what the noise was.

As if drawn by a magnet, a adjective 4 young man ran right up to her in her hiding place. "noun 2!" He shouted in her face.

The princesses' first enchantment made her verb 2 him right in the nose. The young man immediately repeated "noun 2!" Again name 1
verb 2ed him in the nose.

"noun 2!" he shouted a third time and a third time she

verb 2ed him in the nose.

"What a horrible person!" thought the princess. "He's found out my secret and he followed me here to taunt me." She ran off into the woods trying to get away from him, all the while verb 3ing, verb 4ing and verb 5ing.

However the young man followed right on her heals, shouting "noun 2" at her and making her verb 2.

"Go away and leave me alone, you horrible ogre!" she shouted at him.

"I'm sorry my lady, but I can't." he replied. "A magical noun 3 has enchanted me and I am forced to always seek the things that I love most: adjective 1 and noun 2. You are so very adjective 1 that I absolutely can't leave your side. And since I don't have any noun 2 handy, I must beg for it without ceasing."

Verb 2ing, verb 3ing, verb 4ing and verb 5ing, the princess understood. "I've been enchanted by the same noun 3!" She exclaimed! "We must go and find it and make it undo our enchantments! Come with me!"

"Noun 2!" he replied. "I really don't have a choice. My name is Prince name 3, by the way. What's yours?"

"Name 1." She replied as she verb 2ed him in the face. "Let's go!"

So off they went together him shouting "noun 2" and her verb 2ing, verb 3ing, verb 4ing and verb 5ing.

It was a long and hard journey, but eventually they came upon the magical noun 3 while it was trying out its spell to be in a hundred places at once.

"Stop! Noun 2!" shouted Prince Name 3.

Princess Name 1 ran up to the magical noun 3 and

verb 2ed it in the face, right in the middle of its spell. The magical noun 3 stumbled just as he going to a hundred places at once. The spell went all wrong and he was divided into a hundred pieces. That was the end of the magical noun 3.

"Our enchanter is destroyed by its own spell!" exclaimed the princess. "Only now we have no hope of breaking these enchantments. No one could ever love a verb 2ing,

verb 3ing, verb 4ing, verb 5ing freak like me. I'm doomed!" she sobbed.

"I could" said Prince Name 3 softly. "I love your

adjective 1ness, Noun 2!"

"Really?" asked the princess through her tears.

"Yes. Noun 2" replied Prince Name 3. "I love you."

"What? Say that again!" said the Princess excitedly.

"I love you."

"No, the other thing."

"I love your adjective 1ness?"

"No!" said the princess. "Noun 2! See, I didn't verb 2! The spell is broken! I love you too! We don't need the magical noun 3 to break our enchantments! We broke them without it!

Hand in hand Prince Name 3 and Princess Name 1 left the Enchanted Forrest forever. They were married and lived happily ever after.

The End!

Noun 2

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Eyepoke said...

I Like It! Only I didn't make up any nouns or verbs as I read it, so I will have to try it that way later. nice work You verbing adjectiveical nouner!