Monday, February 28, 2011

Leaky Cauldron

That's my brain, a leaky cauldron. I was going to babble about something or other on here, and I unloaded my camera while I was at it. I got to remembering all of the things that I had meant to blog in the past few weeks, but never got around to doing. Now I've completely forgotten what I got on here to do in the first place. I'm getting more and more forgetful all of the time. I think there is just too much crammed up in there. I used to scorn people who had planners and had to write things down in order to remember appointments. It seemed like too much structure to me. (That was when I was like 18 or 19 years old.) Now I can't seem to remember a thing without a stinking tattoo on my face or something. I forget to look at my planner anymore.

Anyway, I'll type my way through these pictures off of my camera, in no particular order, because I'm too lazy to rearrange them. Maybe I'll remember what my original post was going to be by the time I'm done. Or not. It was probably dumb anyway.

These pics of Clayton get posted just because they're cute. Funny, it just occurred to me that they both involve cake. Happy birthdays to Justice (5) and Ross (11)! Hmm. Happy birthdays to Ross and Justice, but I'm posting pictures of Clayton. Does that make me a terrible mother? Maybe.

A couple of weeks ago Bruce took four days off of work to be there while I recovered from a minor surgical procedure, related to my varicose veins, but not typical vein surgery. It turned out that I felt mostly good post surgery, which is good, because Bruce and his dad spent the entire four days doing a major insulation project in our upstairs. It turned out that Bruce was more tired and in need of rest than I was.

They cut many holes in divers places and blew in insulation.

It was really messy. I've been busy mudding and sanding the stinking holes ever since ~ another very messy job that I dislike. I scared Clayton one day when I came downstairs covered in white dust. It was funny, but I didn't have the heart to growl or to be truly scary at him.

Mark and Ross had their pinewood derby this weekend. Ross ended his career with a perfect record. He has never been beaten. Whoop whoop!!
So here's a picture of Justice and Clayton building a snowman together. Nice right? The real story is that Justice was trying to build a family of snowmen, and Clayton kept taking the arms off and running away. Then Justice would get mad and chase him all over the yard.

Our puppy Ally is turning into a mostly good dog. She is really patient with the kids, she's had all of her shots, she is spayed, potty trained, she comes when she's called, she knows "sit," "laydown," "stay." That's the major list of requirements right? However, she's always sneaking things out of the trash, the sink, and who knows what else and hiding them in one of her two stashes. I'm always finding tasty treats hidden behind the curtains next to her bed.
She's not Chloe, but she's trying. That reminds me, my sister-in-law told me that a black dog with white feet is an omen of death. Now I guess she has a new nick name. Wouldn't it be fun to name your dog something like Omen of Death! "Justice and his dog Omen of Death." Or how about "Getem!" How awesome would that be to call your dog when they are greeting people walking down your street. "GETEM!!" Or maybe like the name ... "Pooh Paul Ready" That would be a good one when the dog gets in the neighbor's yard.

You know how I said that I've been spending lots of time mudding and sanding? Well one day last week after I had finished my mudding for the day, Clayton went up stairs and got into the mud in a large hole that I had patched up. He did some mudding of his own.
It's a good thing that mud washes off easy!

Justice continues in his MO. Before the bump on his noggin was even half gone, he fell out of the back of his dad's truck (it was parked in the driveway), and scrapped up the side of his face. Also, he broke another window last night, trying to squash a bug that was on the other side of the glass. I don't know what I'm going to do with that kid! That's two broken windows and the glass to Bruce's gun case broken by Justice in the last five months. Ugh. I guess I'm buying a couple of new windows with our tax return. Love that kid all the same!

Well, that's all I've got for today. So much for whatever I was going to post about. This will have to do instead.


Cassi : ) said...

Hey, I would take mud prints saying, "I was here" any day over other ways used to mark territory . . . :) The hand prints on the dog are the best though!

JG said...

Scrubbing toilets with a toothbrush each time is one way to cure carelessness. My kids didn't like that at all!

Renae said...

lol Cassi!

Aunt Jane, I like your style.