Sunday, August 01, 2010

Things Kids Draw at Church

In an effort for some semblance of peace during sacrament meeting, I brought crayons and paper to church today. Here are some of the things that my children drew.

Lydia drew a nice picture of Joseph Smith.

Ross drew a nice picture of a monster.
Mark drew a picture of a Goosebumps monster

While they were passing the sacrament, I overheard my wonderful Lydia telling Justice to draw a picture of Jesus. His response was "No, I'm drawing Harry Potter." (Unfortunately, I did not scan that one in, and I don't feel like finding it and starting the process all over again. So instead you can enjoy ...)

Justice's picture of a Goosebumps monster.

Clayton drew this scribble,

and Ross drew this on the back of Clayton's scribble.

The kids also bring drawings home that they do in their Primary classes. Here is what Mark brought home today. (And I'm pretty sure that by "Boms" he did NOT mean "Books of Mormon.")
It's a picture of a policeman sharing a bomb with a person in jail.

On another couple of notes, a couple of weeks back, my niece and nephew came over for a sleepover. Mark loves to play with Jonni (my niece). They were sitting together on the couch, and Mark was telling us all how all girls have cooties. "...except for Jonni. She killed her's."

And here is what happens when your kids put half a bottle of the type of dish soap that you use for washing dishes by hand, into your dishwasher. Believe it or not, this was the third time since I'd started the dishwasher that it had overflowed with bubbles. I kept having to open it and scoop out all of the bubbles. I eventually got the shop-vac and sucked it all up. Silly kids!


timpani76 said...

Wow, looks like Lydia got some of Grandma's talent! And the boys, well, maybe they got some of their daddy's talent ;)

JG said...

Renae, you are waaay too patient. Unless you didn't tell us about the screaming going on during the sucking.

Cassi : ) said...

i think that's part of the joy of teaching primary - seeing what kids have to say and think . . . and draw! :)