Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sleepy Tales

I was awakened at 4:15 this morning by the sound of a little baby crying. It didn't sound right, so I jumped out of bed and headed to Clayton's room thinking that he was strangling in his bed somehow. On the way, I passed the TV that Bruce had fallen asleep in front of. Then I realized it was just a baby on TV crying. Funny how I slept right through the TV being on without even noticing until they broadcast the sound of a baby crying. Unfortunately my brain was activated, and I never was able to go back to sleep.

A couple of my cousins are in town for a few days, so my mom had them, their kids and us over for lunch and swimming. Between the five of us, there were 19 kids (Becky's oldest stayed at home.) It was really nice to visit with them! After everyone but my crew had left, my Mom and I were cleaning up some toys in the spare room. Clayton had dumped out the 2000 Apples to Apples cards, and it took Mom, Justice and I about 20 minutes to clean them up. After we were done, I swiped my hand under the bed looking for stray toys. Much to my surprise, I came across a foot instead. Mark was asleep under the bed.

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Cassi : ) said...

Munchkins sleep the best when they are worn out from good playing. Picking up cards of any sort is the worst, we had someone watch our kids one night and they got out our 8 decks of cards! They haven't been in order since.