Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just a Couple of Pictures

I'm sitting here waiting for my pictures to upload. My three oldest kids are back to school. Life is getting back to a routine. That is good. I like routine, plus I like a little bit of quiet time to practice my piano. I'm back to running with my group, and I love that. It's too hard to get up at 4:30 during the summer, so I was just running on my own. Come ON pictures... where are you? Finally, here they are! Later folks!A funny picture

A sad picture.

A happy picture.

Yeah, I rock!
(Well sort of. I was actually slower than last year, but oh well.)
I have to post this picture because Clayton already broke my trophy.

Justice getting ready for bed last night. He didn't quite make it.


timpani76 said...

Clayton looks so grown up in that picture! When did that happen?

lizS said...

that pic of justice cracked me up!