Sunday, August 29, 2010


Don't you just love it when the two year old gets ahold of the phone and calls 911 while the four year old is screaming at his eight year old brother. Reminds me of The Secret Game

Lately Justice has been yelling "Peanuts Mark!" a lot. At first I thought he was calling his brother a naughty word. After some inquiry though, I found out that "Peanuts" is a signal for Ross (the oldest boy) to beat up Mark (the boy in between Justice and Ross). It's like in the cartoon when Jerry (mouse) makes friends with the bull dog who protects him from Tom (cat).

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Sharp Times said...

Awe...your kids are so adventurous! Lucky they have a great mom to keep up! Your hairdo is super cute! Keep the posts comin' since they make me laugh.