Monday, March 01, 2010

What Do You Think?

Honestly? I'm spending part of my tax return. We've got a great sectional couch which is currently in our basement. The structure is good, but the upholstery is shot. I pretty much despise the couches currently in our living room. So I'm enlisting the help of my mother (who has done this type of thing before) and we are going to reupholster my basement couch and bring it back up. I found a great website where you can order upholstery at MEGA discount prices (75% off everything). I think they buy remnants and resell them. After shopping around and ordering swatches, trying to make sure that I buy something super durable, and finding fabrics I like only to find out that they don't have enough, or that once I got the swatch it wasn't as durable looking as I wanted, or just right in this or that way, ANYWAY after a much searching (and a huge run on sentence that would kill any English teacher on the spot), I've placed an order. Here's what I'm doing, and I HOPE that I will love it. (I'm infamously terrible at decorating. This would be a ghastly expensive mistake. But none the less, PLEASE be honest!)

I love the colors in this one, but it's way too busy to do a whole couch in. Out of this fabric, I'm going to make box valances and a few throw pillows.

This is the fabric I chose to do the couch out of. It's got the burgundy color to match the other fabric and a gold color that matches my walls. It is also VERY tightly woven which should make it pretty durable.
Man, I hope I like this!!!!! Oh BTW, here is a link to this wonderfully inexpensive place to buy good fabrics. They will send you all the free swatches you want (without your having to pay postage).


Trever and Heather said...

I think it will look good!

lizS said...

great picks! they should look fabulous. ;)

timpani76 said...

I think it will look good, and the color will hide "kid stains" really well. Almost like our brown couch ;)

I think with how nuetral the other colors (walls, curtains, wood floors) are in your living room that you could go really crazy with fabrics and it would still not look too busy. Also, I think red and gold are a good combo.

Dana Cheryl said...

beautiful! looking forward to seeing the finished product.

thx for sharing the link!