Friday, March 26, 2010

Where Do Pulled Teeth Go?

According to Ross, into the fish tank. Ross was at the dentist yesterday to have a baby tooth pulled, well actually only half of a baby tooth. The first half came out in the usual way, but the second half was left behind, so I decided to let the dentist have a shifty at it. While we were in the waiting room, Ross was amusing himself by sneaking up on the fish in the fish tank and scaring the crap out of those poor little things when he had an epiphany.

"Mom, I just had a horrible thought! What if all of those things at the bottom of the fish tank (the tiny rocks varying in color from white through all of the browns) were all the teeth that the dentist pulled out?!"

We now have new saying to inspire tooth brushing: "Watch out, your teeth are going to wind up in the fish tank!"


lizS said...

this was hilarious!!

Dana Cheryl said...

This will live on in your family history for years & years & years. :)