Wednesday, February 24, 2010

School Pictures

As a general rule, I think school pictures are stupid. It's just a gimmick to make parents feel like they have to spend lots of money for some crappy, generic pictures where the photographer spent no more than one minute to get their shot ~ and they do it twice a year. Plulease! I usually only buy enough for the kids to have some to give to their friends. Anybody can take more framable pictures than those school pictures! So today when I was getting the form ready for Mark's school pictures, I noticed a new section. This had a place for the parents to put instructions for the photographer. I wrote "If he feels like making a silly face, let him." SO THERE! I might actually buy those just for the fun of having a "professional" photo of Mark pulling a face.


timpani76 said...

I also boycott school pictures since Vance does not ever have a good smile for them. I'd rather take the kids to J.C. Penny's and get poses I actually like, in clothes I don't worry about them ruining at school.

Dana Cheryl said...

I'd be great if they'd really let me take one photo pulling a funny face.

The reasons behind school photos are really very sad. School photos are taken so that should some horror ever befall the school or if a child is abducted there is a photo on hand. Some parents don't really take a lot of pictures of their child. A photo of each child is placed in their school records both online & hardcopy. Photos from kindergarten, five grade, seventh grade & all four years of high school are permanently attached to their official school transcripts.

I just had to go get an official high school transcript a few months ago for an internship I'm applying for this summer. It's sooooo funny to see my sophomore picture. My haircut was awful so needless to say NO photos were purchased that year!! lol! No worries though since that haircut will my immortilized via my transcript for time & all eternity. :)

lizS said...

i actually like the school pictures. i don't have to schlep my kids out somewhere where they will be uber grouchy so i and the photographer can spend hours fighting with them to get one good pic. no stress for me. just pics delivered to my door. jonni hates having her picture taken (i think after the family shot you put up everyone knows that now, right? lol!) so it really doesn't matter if the photographer spends thirty seconds or the whole day. erik i dunno about. he sort of doesn't know what's going on, so he doesn't smile. so, in conclusion, yeah, i like school pictures. ;)