Monday, February 15, 2010

Can You Say BRAIN FART?!!

"Sometimes I amaze even myself!" Mark is currently on amoxicillin for strep (yes again). Clayton was on some other antibiotics about a week or so ago for an ear infection. I measured Mark's medicine out and Clayton saw what I was doing. Like all kids, he thinks the stuff is wonderful tasting, and he came and stood right in front of me. My brain was somewhere else, and I gave Mark's medicine to Clayton. Half way through I realized what I was doing and spilled it all over. I was too late though, he'd already gotten at least half of Mark's dose. I was at least responsible enough to call the pharmacy and poison control and admit my idiocy. It turns out that I didn't give him enough to hurt him. I just wonder what happened to my brain!


timpani76 said...

Oh no! You are getting hit hard this winter with sick kids. Poor you, and them.

Are you sure you're not pregnant? I've been doing stuff like this all the time, but I blame pregnancy brain ;)

Dana Cheryl said...

At least ya realized it as it was happening and not hours later after giving him the full dose!!

You're a good mom. I'd let ya babysit for me. If I had kids, that is!