Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hangin Out With My Favorite Gal

Lydia cashed in all of her considerable amount beans last night for an all out girls' night out with Mom. We had a blast. First we went out to eat, then we went to the theater and saw ...The Lightning Thief, which might be a bit of a HP rip off, but still very worth the time. We both enjoyed it. Now I'm going to have to read the books. We sat there in the theater cracking jokes the whole time, and just having a good time. Lydia said that I embarrassed her by being silly and talking to other kids' approx. her age at the theater. HA! I'm finally the embarrassing mom. She thought it was funny too though. Then we went shopping at KOHL's. I've got a $50 gift card for X-Mas and I totally need some new things! However, we didn't find a single thing for me. :( Lydia got a cute new dress (but I didn't use my gift cert on that, it's MY money.) Anyway, it was great to hang out with my nearly teen-age girl (ACK!)

BTW, happy birthday to Justice who is FINALLY officially potty trained, just in time to be a four year old. YAY!


timpani76 said...

Did you go to the Kohl's in Edwardsville or Alton? I think they both have their merits. I want to see that movie, but I was not sure our kids were old enough to enjoy it (though, they do like HP!)

Dana Cheryl said...

what a fun night!!

i love Percy Jackson. the books are awesome. i'm so psyched to see this movie. i'm such a nerd.

congrats of potty training success!!

pie-seas79 said...

I read the book and the movie is not like the book. both are good if you don't associate the two.