Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Men are Funny!

In general, I think Bruce gets a bit of a bad rap here on the blogosphere. In spite of his more than the usual dose of testosterone, he is a really good husband. He's always doing little things just for me, that most people don't know about. (Okay, I'm going to admit it: I read all of the Twilight series. There, are you all happy! I thought they were mostly good. It irritated the poop out of me to have to read a book manually. My house got messy, which makes me grouchy. I felt like a lazy dog for sitting around reading a book. I hated myself, which makes me grouchy. Also I did have a problem with the near sex scenes, and the fact that he was sneaking into her room at night. I should have quit reading the stupid books right then, but like the pathetic person that I am, I kept on. I am actually ashamed that I finished them. That made me hate myself even more. More grouchiness. Bruce should get an award just for putting up with me!) Anyway, Emmett's personality is VERY much like my Bruce. I think SM must have been spying on Bruce when she dreamed Emmett up.

Anyway the thing I was getting to is this: about a week ago, Bruce was hanging some cabinets in the basement. His project got put on hold because his drill broke or something. So here he was in the kitchen looking for something useful to do. I suggested that he should hang up the clock that he had bought to put in the kitchen.

"I can't. My drill isn't working."

"Why do you need a drill for that?!" It is just a regular sized wall clock. There is no need to make a huge hole in the wall to anchor the thing down. "Just knock in a nail."

So Bruce goes out to the garage to get a hammer and a nail. He comes back in with one of those gigantic 3 inch long nails that are used to go through 2x4s to keep walls in place. I balked at that too. (Aren't I a bit of a harpy.) It just struck me as rather Tim Taylorish. "Here, let me put a hole in the wall the size of a football field just to hold up a little wall clock. It certainly won't go anywhere!"

Sorry for the ribbing Bruce, it was funny. I love you bunches and think you are the bestest!


timpani76 said...

Men are funny! My favorite funny things about guys-- their over protectiveness (especially when I'm pregnant!), when they try to act cool (like when they just smacked themselves with a hammer or something), men & babies (too cute!), men & cooking (too inept!), and about a million other things I can't think of right now.

Drill broke? Ever heard of a screwdriver and some elbow grease?

pie-seas79 said...

I'm I sick because I wanted more near sex scenes in the books? Likely. My husband is at a complete loss in the kitchen...like it's one of the furthest corners of deep dark space. Even common sense things. so, it always makes me laugh/pleases me when he tries to help out in there. But, yeah, men are weirdos.

Emily S said...

Ha ha . . . reminds me of all of the white primer all over my walls with no wall-color-matching paint with which to paint over it . . . yeah, and I thought lots of times I should quit reading Twilight stuff, but kept doing it, too . . .Why?!