Friday, January 30, 2009

A Couple of Ross Things That Made Me Smile

Ross is my funny boy. He makes me laugh everyday. Today I dropped him and Mark off at school, and Ross wanted to show me his Gallon Man. Everyone in the class had made a Gallon Man (a guy with a big square labeled "gallon" for a body, smaller ones for the arms and legs labeled "quart" then smaller ones labeled "pint" etc.) Anyway, I didn't need the label or Ross to tell me which one that my son had made. His was the one with the scary face, and lots of pointed teeth that were chomping up a screaming man. -So weird.

Here's a poem that he wrote in school a few days ago:

I Can't Write A Poem
I gave my desk to a whale,
My chair is Ross proofed,
I ate my pencil,
My face is glued to the floor,
and I'm bored.

1 comment:

Eyepoke said...

Dig the poem!

I credit the scary face thing to Uncle Trent.