Monday, January 12, 2009

Is The Glass Half Full or Half All Over My Table?

Justice is at this stage where he is fiercely independent, or at least trying to be. It can be extremely frustrating at times, especially if I'm in a hurry. I'm learning to just let him do the things he can by himself (even if they take forever). It's easier and better for both of our tempers to not fight him. Say if I'm in a hurry to leave the house, and he wants to put on his own shoes, I'll let him do it and just walk away and get myself ready, rather than fight with him because I could do it faster. That just makes him mad and he'll take his shoe off so he can put it on himself, which makes me mad. The other day he wanted to pour his own glass of milk. The jug was about 3/4 full, so he would have spilled it all over. I insisted on at least helping him. We fought over who got to have the superior hand grip. (It's silly all the dumb things I fight this 2 year old over!) In the end we poured the cup together, and spilled about as much on the table. "See!" we both said at the exact same time. I laughed. To me, I was right, because we had spilled the milk. To him, we had succeeded, because we did get a goodly portion into the cup. I had to admit that he did have a point.

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