Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Ultimate Luxury

The Ultimate Luxury would be to sleep in a bed all by myself, with nobody coughing all night, farting, kicking so much it's like trying to sleep with a windmill, rolling on my hair, crying or making my bed so crowded that I have to sleep on my side straight up and down with my arms tucked tightly at my side, "thinking skinny."

The funny thing is that someday it will happen, and I'll probably miss the crowd. For now, I'd just love one good night's sleep!


Eyepoke said...

That Bruce sure is a pig! Like you said though, when he's gone I'm sure you'll miss him.

Bruce said...

i was gonna say that. i admit to all of it accept the farting.

timpani76 said...

Sigh, I think that maybe you need to be "that mom" once in awhile. You know, the one that you think is kind of mean because she says "get the hell out of my bed and leave me alone for awhile!!!!" to her kids.

j-bird said...

Renae - I FEEL you, and was just about to go into it when I was overwhelmed by "Oh Holy Night" and all of my sleepless "husband, baby, noise, coughing, hair pulling, snoring and just plain breathing too loud" stuff just *Poof* vanished! It's a regular Christmas miricle - just in time for Thanksgiving.
Thank YOU!