Friday, November 07, 2008

Something I'm Surprised to Find That I Miss a Little

The phone rang. I looked at the caller id. "Another telemarketer" I thought to myself. "HHEEELLLOOOOO!" I answered in a lunatic voice. It was just a recording on the other end. I felt a twinge of disappointment. It was fun to mess with those pestilential live telemarketers. Not that I want them back; on the whole, I wish all types of telemarketers would evaporate. (Not the people themselves, just their calls. My brother and my sister-in-law were both telemarketers in their young college days.) It was entertaining to mess with those poor saps though.

A while later...

I'm feeling better now. A live telemarketer called me just now. I answered the phone something like this: "wegoooishbnalpigpig"

"Hello?" from the TM

"Hello!" me in a strange voice.

"What language do you speak? Spanish, Portuguese?"

"Pig Latin"


"Pig Latin... igpay atinlay... igpay atinlay!"

He hung up on me. I giggled.


Bruce said...

atthy usway unnyfa ennyra

Brad Carter said...

I bet you made her day a lot more interesting. She's probably telling all her coworkers what a weirdo she talked to.

Here's a telemarketer I screamed at years ago:

The Marinator said...

ROFL! I'll have to try that one out sometime!

Renae said...

Hey Brad, are you pulling my leg? I followed your link and I got an error message that called me a dumby. Hmm, YOU are the dumby!

Brad Carter said...

Itay orksway orfay emay, ouyay igbay ummyday!

Renae said...

I think part of it must have gotten chopped off. It doesn't work here. Ytray againay.