Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Of Gloves and Things

First off, can I tell you how happy it makes me to see that the number of days left on my baby count down is shrinking! It makes me happy that I now have fewer days to go than days so far. I am not one of those wonderful women who love pregnancy. I like the idea for a week or two, then I'm tired of it. I really shouldn't complain. I have easy pregnancys, but I don't like that every workout I get slower, I don't like not being able to do all of the races. And I don't like that my veins (which were already bad) are now absolutely horrid, and painful, very much so, from time to time. There now lets all tell Renae "WAH! You poor baby, now get over it!" Such a whiner about nothing!

Anyway, Oh happy day! I am taking piano lessons again! I so love piano! Someday, I hope I can be really good at it. People who haven't walked that road just can't appreciate how long it takes a person to get actually good at it. I didn't really start piano until I was about 17. I started out reading the bass clef "All Cars Eat Gas" style. It's been 15 years, and I can play some pretty darn hard things that I have put endless hours into. I can sight read most things from the hymn book, even in front of people, and not make a complete mess of it. But still, I am a far cry from Aunt Marsha! Someday!

About the gloves, I sent Ross & Mark to school today with a glove a peice. It is bitter cold outside, and I felt bad for them, but it's their fault. I can't tell you how many pairs of gloves / hats the two of them have lost! I check every morning, just as part of my routine, to make sure that all 3 of my school age children have gloves and a hat. I tell them to put them in their coat pockets when they take them off. Lydia is pretty good. She's only lost 1 1/2 pairs this year. Ross & Mark are constantly coming home with no gloves. I had to drive them to school today, so I went into Mark's classroom, to look into his locker. I was sure that I'd find it piled high with stray gloves. Not a one. So, being the too nice person that I am, I gave Mark the gloves out of my own coat pocket, and gave Ross the one that Mark had. Now they both have a set for today. I have threatened them -and I'm afraid I will have to make good on it- that the next person to come home with no gloves will have to wear the Barbie gloves. I have a pink pair of Barbie gloves that Lydia won't wear anymore. (Barbie's aren't cool anymore. All of the girls -except for Lydia, thank heavens- love Brats instead. Lydia doesn't like Brats either, but she is too embarressed to wear Barbie anything to school. On a whole other subject, I detest Brats, or as I call them "Tramps in Training." It's a sad commentary that Barbie is the more modest option for little girls. Anyway, I digress.) Anyway, Ross or Mark will have to wear the Barbie gloves to school one of these days. I will have to buy more gloves for them, but they are going to pay for them.

Am I way too whiney? I apologize! Winter is taking it's toll. Yay for Spring being weeks, a month, whatever it is, away. I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

naw, i don't think you're too whiney. gloves are expensive! and hard to find, or they are if you have my son, and live in my town. :)

Malauna said...

We have the same problem with gloves at our house. I just don't know how a single glove can be left behind.

Anonymous said...

I like the barbie gloves idea. funny. I also despise Brats. And Barney.And you.

Anonymous said...

I must confess. I go into the pockets of your kids coat and take them out. I then give them to my own dear sweet wonderful children to use.

Thank You

Porter Family said...

I love the barbie gloves idea. I'm so glad to know you have a blog. I do think you are one of the funniest people I know. I hated being pregnant, too.

J & K said...

We hate brats too! Camden and Shannon call them the "HO" dolls! Sadly, I said the word first and they haven't forgotten it. so everytime we are in the toy aisle and we see brats, you can hear my two 4yr. olds yell out-"gross mom, those dolls are Ho's"!