Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Funny Family Night Hide And Seek

We had family night one day late this week. Monday was too crazy, and it just didn't work out. (Please, nobody call the bishop on me, okay! ;) ) Anyway, we nearly always play hide and seek as part of our FHE games. Last night we had a couple of things happen that made me laugh. Bruce got found because we could smell his flatulence when we walked into the room, hence we knew he was there somewhere. Then Lydia hid behind me under my blanket. (I often walk around the house with a blanket draped around my shoulders, because I'm always cold.) I was sure that this wouldn't work. I thought for sure they would notice the big buldge behind me. (No cracks about how my backside must be bigger than I thought -okay!) Nope, I was found, but they searched and searched for Lydia and had to be given clues to find her. Mark even hugged me / Lydia from behind and didn't find her. I was cracking up!

Aside-my spell check has stopped working on this thing! It agrivates me. I'm not a terrible speller, but I don't spell absolutely everything right. I implore you to ignore my ignorance.


Trever & Heather said...

Why are farts always so disgustingly funny? I too live with a farter...

Anonymous said...

The Lydia thing was funny. I played hide and seek with our chillins a while back. It was very funny some of the obvious places they did not find me in.