Thursday, February 28, 2008

Did I Accidentally Step on a Witch's Toe?!

Did I break a mirror, while walking under a ladder, with a leaky bag of salt, and a black cat walking by, at midnight? Maybe I tripped over a leprechaun. Did I tell the immunity fairy that her mother was a bloated wart hog or something? Did Dionne Warwick tell her taro cards that I had been a bad girl?

I know what it was! I had a 13 year old black cat put to sleep at the end of the summer. That one actually happened. I cried quarts! I loved that cat, but apparently she is using up one of her 9 lives to come back and haunt me with pestilence unending.

Here is the run down:

Since I've been pregnant we in our household have had:

-strep throat
-head lice
-bronchitis for 2 months straight
-a puking virus
-broken rib twice
-Bruce had some horrible sore throat, where his uvula (the punching bag thing in the back of your throat) was swollen to about the size of his fingertip -no exaggeration. He couldn't eat or talk for about 3 days. He probably should have gone to the hospital because the thing kept gagging him and threatening to cut off his airway.

Within the month of February

-half of the family was sick with a fever that lasts 5-6 days
-a child with an abscessed tooth that had to be pulled out
-pink eye
-a husband with a BAD thrown out back
-me with a cold, which I really hope isn't a recurrence of the bronchitis thing, but I can't sleep at night for all of the coughing, which -as I have given birth 4 times, and am pregnant- makes me wet my pants almost invariably, and is not good on my rib that is still trying to recover.
-and another puking virus

Aside from truly tragic things like people being terminally ill, dying, or losing their testimony, is there anything worse than a puking 2 year old? They don't know that you are supposed to try to puke in the potty or a puke bucket. They just barf where they are. At least most of my house has no carpet. Thank heavens! He barfed all over his bed last night, and then on the couch. Between our normal massive amounts of laundry, the barf, and a child that has recently had a bed-wetting relapse, I am absolutely buried in dirty laundry. I really don't know if it can all be done.

Ross is supposed to be having a birthday party that he invited his whole class to (shudder, oh well, it's only for 2 hours) on Saturday. I am crossing my fingers that we will be well by then. Otherwise I will be on the phone forever trying desperately to call all of the parents to post-pone.

What a winter I am having. But as none of these things are more than annoyances, and nothing truly tragic has happened, I'm doing just fine. I am actually in good spirits today, believe it or not. I'll just start the washing machine up, and get on with life. Sorry for another complaining sounding blog! I feel like that's all I do these days. I must be a real bummer to read! Honestly, I'm alright though. That's just life. I just wonder what the heck is up this year. It must have been the cat thing! I need to go and tie about 20 rabbits' feet around my neck, wash by the light of the full moon in stump water, kill a few chickens, shovel salt over my left shoulder, find about 2 dozen four leafed clovers, and put lambs blood on my door now. See you all later!


Bruce said...

dont forget to turn arround 3 times, stomp your feet and, dance a jig in the rain.

J & K said...

so sorry!! You guys have had it really rough this year!! Let me know if I can take any of your kiddos so you can do laudry or just recover

CJ said...

I would offer to take your kids but...To came into my bed last night with a 101 fever and now a tummy ache.

lizS said...

good golly heavens! what an awful time! now i don't feel so bad about my somewhat crummy winter! you should call in reinforcements! you do have a mom, right? tell her to get her booty over and help the pregnant lady with all the sick kids to get some clean laundry done! besides, what are moms for? hope everyone gets better soon! spring is just around the corner!!!!

Anonymous said...

OI! who cares about your stupid problems?!

Amy said...

I think it's been a sickly year all around. Zach and I have been curled up on the couch all week with the flu, too... and it's lousy.

But you guys do take the cake. Man.

Malauna said...

Its complaining hilarity. Come on, all of that happening in one house? Good luck

Bruce said...

try having it be your house. not so hilarious. maybe 20 years from now it will be funny, but not just yet.

Renae said...

It is a bit funny.

mommat said...

I think it's hilarious!!! ROTFL while reading the list!!