Thursday, February 28, 2008

Funny Justice

I heard Justice calling for Ross in the kind of panicky voice that usually means he's about to fall off of something. I rush into the kitchen to find Justice holding on to the phone recharger that he had knocked off of the wall. It wasn't harmed at all, just hanging by the wires. Justice was apparently worried that he was going to get into trouble. He says "Phone, break it... Don't want a spanking... No, no mama. Phone, break it." Have I been too mean in the past or something?
For the record, he was not in any trouble over this.

Crud! Justice just figured out how to open the front door. This is not good!


lizS said...

lol! that's hilarious! naw, i don't think you're too mean, he's just smart! and jeez, the front door huh? we have a chain on our door; that helped when erik went through that stage. good luck!

Porter Family said...

Time to invest in a harness.

Bruce said...

i predict that you will someday see this child on the x-games. or at least on u-tube crashing some how.

Anonymous said...

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