Friday, February 08, 2008

Catching up on About a Million Things that I've Thought About Blogging About Lately (Did I use the Word "About" Enough?)

The Ultimate Weekend
Lydia and her friends at her 10th birthday sleepover. They tried to sleep all of them in one bed, but I don't think it worked. Can't imagine why.
Here's a week ago when we all went sledding. It was great fun! (I just watched -the whole pregnant / broken rib thing- but I always have fun watching the kids having fun.)
A Week of Sickies
Well, we came down from all of that fun to have half of the family sick with a fever that gets up to 103 and last about 5 days. Lydia missed an entire week of school. Bruce and Justice are sick too. I've been playing nurse, and despite snuggling a sick little boy all week, I am still healthy. Thank Heaven! I'm hoping that everyone will get well soon, and that Ross, Mark, and I can continue to resist this one, so that we can be done with it soon. I've never had anyone miss more than a day or two at a time before (except for the time when Lydia broke her leg and the doctor made her stay home for almost 3 weeks -she had a tutor then). I think Lydia's brain will probably melt soon from too much tv. Justice is funny, he hasn't wanted to do anything but sit on my lap most of the time. I don't treat a fever until it breaks at least 102. A fever is the only thing that can kill a virus. So, as it's not actually harmful until it reaches like 105 -they just feel like crud- I just let them keep their fever . Anyway, I have given Justice Tylenol a couple of times. You can always tell if he's been recently medicated. He goes from a droopy-eyed whiney little boy, that will do nothing but sit on his mother's lap, to a droopy-eyed little boy who throws things all over the house, climbs on everything, gives the telephone an oatmeal bath, and puts dog food down the heating vents. He's almost easier to deal with when he feels bad! Nah, that's a horrible thing to say.
Every now and again, I think I'm a bit OCD. I had a serious moment the other day. I needed a little shake or something. The kids had been watching tv and left if on. I plopped down on the couch to take a little time out from cleaning the house, Sponge Bob Square Pants was on, and being too tired to care, I just watched that for a bit. Sponge Bob and Patrick burst into Sandy's house (Sandy is a squirel who lives in a bubble thing at the bottom of the ocean) and left the door open. I kept worrying that her house would fill up with water. I seriously felt a physically anxious feeling for a couple of minutes. It was of absolutely no consequence on the show, they went on and didn't show the door again. But I was sitting there feeling stressed out because they left the door open. What a dork! Get a grip Renae!
I had more to blog about, but I'm sick of it for the time. Another time perhaps. Have a great day! Thanks for reading me!


lizS said...

john tells me that i should tell everyone about the time we watched peter pan. this is in response to renae's worrying about the squirrel on sponge bob. do you all remember the part when the kids fly to neverland? well, until we watched it recently, i hadn't seen peter pan since before i had babies. i was soooooo worried about the youngest little boy falling! i almost couldn't watch it! i mean, it just never occured to me before that he's nothing more than a baby and he's FLYING. i mean, that pixie dust could of worn off at any minute! then what?! splattered baby, that's what! anyway, so renae is not so OCD as she thought. or maybe we are both equally OCD...

timpani76 said...

We are all a little OCD! It's true, you can't escape it.

Here's a test (I scored 60%)

[ ] All money has to face the same direction
[ ] You have helped clean someone else's house.
[ ] You are picky about everything
[ ] You have wiped off a kids face that wasn't related to you.
[ ] You have taken three showers in one day at least once.
[ ] You "fix" things like photo frames that are sideways.


[ ] A tag coming out of someone's shirt presents a problem to you.
[ ] You rock at making lists.
[ ] You're very into details.
[ ] You know how to do your own laundry.
[ ] If you can't fix something, it drives you nuts.


[ ] Nothing is wrong with having things alphabetized.
[ ] You count your steps most of the time.
[ ] You have to know everything.
[ ] Everything has a place.
[ ] Untied shoes bug you.

Total: 11

[ ], I often get thank you's from the workers at the store (If you're walking through a store and something is off a rack you put it back.)
[ ] If labels aren't facing you, you have to fix them so that they do. (like on stacked cans)
[ ] Things don't have to be perfect. They just have to be the right way according to you.
[ ]You like vacuuming…it just makes the floor look better.
[ ] A cleaning product has blown your mind.


[ ] It bothers you when someone moves something out of place.
[ ] You have categorized something.
[ ] Typos drive you nuts.
[ ] You have corrected a teacher.


Count the check boxes and multiply that number by 4.

lizS said...

i scored a sixty! and speaking of sicknesses, the strep monster has hit our house. so far the only casulty is me though, knock on wood. but i'm out of commission for a week or so. ugh!

Renae said...

I finally got around to taking the test. I don't feel so bad now, I only scored a 40. I guess that makes me way layed back and chilled out. Well, anyone who has been to my house when it's a little bit messy, and seen me get into one of my moods over it, can testify that I get extremely grouchy when things aren't cleaned up. I don't know how my husband stands me sometimes.

lid said...

mom I think you mene IT on not if on.