Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Lydia

Here she is trying to blow out her trick candles.
Here she is with her cool model of the solar system that we built together over the weekend. Too bad you can't see it all in this picture.
Here's a picture that Amy took over the summer, that I love.
Can you believe that she's 10?! I've been doing this motherhood thing for a decade now.
Well, she's a wonderful girl. Helpful, helpful, helpful! She loves to do things with her mom & dad; especially things like going "frog giggin" with her dad. She just got her yellow 2 belt in Tae Kwon Do. Man, I love my girl!


Malauna said...

Could you please pass on the instructions for the solar system model? My 9 year old would love making that!

lizS said...

wow, 10! i can't believe she is that old! i remember her at four at our wedding! she's gorgeous too. must get that from her mom!!

timpani76 said...

10! Someone my age has a ten year old girl? How did that happen?

Amy said...

Yea!! Happy birthday, Lyddie! I love you, sweetie!