Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another Stupid Post

Okay, I apologize for the glumness. Everyone, you have my free permission to just ignore me and my bad attitude! I'm really, really tired of the inside of my house. I'm tired of being useless, but I have to start my whole rib recovery over again. And I was doing so good! Oh well, lesson learned. Don't ignore warning signals! I tried to take my trash out to my curb yesterday. I moved the can about 2 feet and had to stop. (Everyone in our town has the same mini-dumpster thing so that the trash man doesn't have to get out and do the trash manually. The truck lifts them all up. Anyway the point is that it's about twice the size of a regular Rubbermaid-type trashcan.)
It's really hard to know the difference between being lazy and doing only what I actually can do. Does that make sense? I'm having a really hard time knowing what I should take on myself and what I should ask for help with. I really, really, really want to get over this soooon. So tired of sitting around! I had to get a sitter yesterday so Bruce could do the grocery shopping with me. I can't push a cart, I can't lift much, I can't handle bagging all of that stuff etc. I could have sent him with a list I guess, but it was just easier to go rather than to try to think of all of the things that we needed. I'd have forgotten half of the things for sure. I feel like America's biggest wuss.
You know, it's funny, for the easiest pregnancy I've ever had, it sure has sucked! As far as the pregnancy goes, there is absolutely nothing to complain about! I haven't been one bit nauseous, or even very tired. But since I've been pregnant, we've had a bout with head-lice, I spent 2 months sick with bronchitis or whatever that was (during which I broke my rib), the whole family (including the dog) had stomach flu, and I broke my rib again. Okay, bad murmuring Laman! Shut the heck up! I have a wonderful family, good hubby, four great healthy children, the gospel, enough food to eat, a warm home to live in. I'm actually a pretty blessed girl. I've certainly got it where it counts. Have a lovely!


timpani76 said...

I think since you are a very tidy housekeeper, a runner, and in general like to keep moving and be active, that this is the worst trial for you.

This trial really does seem to be your own personal Liberty Jail. Maybe you should read that part of the Joseph Smith history, or flip ahead in the Joseph Smith manual to that part.

I think it's great that the pregnancy is going good! I love the floating baby on your blog!

Renae said...

I don't know that I feel as bad as Liberty Jail. That sounded bloody aweful. But it's true that being disabled has always been one of my greatest fears. I'm not unhappy in general, I know that dispite my current physical crap, I've got a great life. I am really very greatful for that. I think I will read up on Liberty Jail though. Sounds like good advice. I could definiatly use that perspective. Thanks!

lizS said...

poor renae! i'm not being sarcastic, i mean it! not being able to do anything is the pits! i keep trying to think of some great sage wisdom from the times i couldn't do anything, but the only thing i can come up with is you just have to ride it out to get better. you just can't can't can't push it, or you just prolong it. it sucks while it's happening, but the more you try to do anything before you're ready, the longer it takes to get better, the longer you can't do anything....see the pattern? man oh man, i feel for ya babe!! love and lots of hugs,

Beth said...

Don't beat yourself up about the rib. All part of "Earth life".
And I'm laughing with Bruce about that "swear" word you used. In fact, I laugh every time I read your blog!
See, you ARE doing something useful even while you are hangin' out with the couch!
By the way, I AM just around the corner in case all your other babysitters fall through.

lizS said...

wow, renae, i would just like to tell you how awsome i think you are, cause i think you need to hear it. i just realized alot of your posts lately have been about how horrible you are. i don't think you're horrible, and i know you have your faults, but at the same time i really believe they are far outweighed by your good attributes. you're wonderful, and i so look up to you as my big sister, and i've learned so much from you that i can no longer see my life without renae in it. so you have to be a couch potatoe for a bit here, in the long run, is a couple of months really so long? or even half a year, or however long it turns out to be. my point there is, though, that your character is not defined because you have to take a little break from your active, busy lifestyle. the only one judging you is you, and you are being far to harsh! everyone loves you, i've never met anyone who didn't think you were best! chin up! this too shall pass. i love ya!!! big big hugs to you!

timpani76 said...

Well, I've known plenty of people who did not think you were the best, in fact they think you're the worst!

Old scummy Renae, that's what they call you. Scummy and full of algae. It's so fitting that your blog is called "Frog Droppings"!

And now you'll grow moss too, on your bottom! And sitting on your couch, we'll call you "Old Mossy Bottom Renae". What a great nickname for such a scummy algae covered girl!

Seriously, you're too funny, even when you're a bit down in the mouth. I love your blog, don't ever quit!

Renae said...

Good one Timpani! Who knew you were such a comedian. Ha ha ha!

Ryan said...

Here's a line of sympathy from Idaho, for whatever it's worth.