Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's Funny Now, But I Didn't Think It Was Too Funny At The Time

Please understand, I don't post this as a complaint; I post it because, now that it's over and done with, I can see that it was a somewhat humorous situation to be in.

Our toilet is extremely finicky; it clogs if you flush more than 2 squares of toilet paper at once. Well, I clogged it up good today! Usually when you clog it, some water will slowly go past the clog, and eventually the water level will go down. This bit of poo was not letting Any water past at all. (Lovely topic, huh) Justice and I were home alone. Here I am in the bathroom trying to plunge the toilet left-handed (my ribs hurt, so I couldn't do much with my right hand). I wasn't having any luck at all. Justice (who is fascinated by the toilet) came in, walked up and flushed the clogged toilet. As it was already full of nasty toilet paper water, it immediately started pouring out all over the floor. Oh crap!! I throw the top off and grab the ball, to stop the flow of water. So, now I'm standing there in my soaked through socks, holding up the ball with my left hand and trying desperately (but rather pathetically) to plunge with right elbow braced against my hip, using only my hip muscles to push the plunger. I was having no luck at all, that thing was really stopped up good. Bruce was on his way home from a work meeting about an hour away. I wasn't sure if he was going to stop by home before he went on to his usual work place. So, I'm thinking that I'm going to have to either give up and let my floor become completely flooded, find something to brace the toilet ball with (in which case I'd have to let go and get more of the mucky water on the floor), or stand there and hold the ball, trying to plunge until Bruce showed up (whenever that might be). This is going on in my mind, and I hear a slurping sound coming from behind me. Justice is down on the floor sucking up the nasty toilet paper grossness water!! Being pregnant, I'm in tears, and in despair. Then I remember the shut off valve right there within my reach! Hooray! I shut off the water to the toilet, throw some towels on the floor, take Justice and walk out on the mess for the time.


lizS said...

lol!! oh, that on was hilarious! i could just SEE you too! poor renae, what a rough day! love you!

Malauna said...

Wow, Renae. I don't know how you deal with all this! That is a funny story.

Trever & Heather said...

I like your potty-swears. Whenever we say "crap!" (which is my favorite cuss-word) my mom says, "Everytime you say that I want to go over to the toilet and get some to put in your hand."

Unfortunately for her, this makes me want to say "crap" more. So I do.

Anonymous said...