Monday, September 24, 2007

Ski Duncking Buger Mongers


Anonymous said...

faf wablring noopers slicker bortheads ona a plattawombusers pee licker or hibble wicket!

pleck! more eefele wippy wipper. in the norble liker liecker by a pickle biget schtorkelog memme play a dookel schticky noog!

plon plon plon!

pup noffle-

lksjghi uq2c

Renae said...

Oh freddled gruntbuggly,
Thy micturations are to me
As plurdled gabbleblotchits
On a lurgid bee.
Groop, I implore thee, my foonting turlingdromes
And hooptiously drangle me
With crinkly bindlewurdles,
Or I will rend thee in the gobberwarts with my blurglecruncheon,
See if I don't!