Friday, September 21, 2007

The J-Bird Strikes Again

I ask you, where was this child's mother when he was off pulling this shenanigan?! Well, I'll tell you. She was in the other room. Yes, I heard the water running, but I assumed he had climbed up there and was getting a drink. He climbs up there all of the time and will get a drink or play in the water, and I'll stop him after a minute or two. It's no big deal, the sink isn't usually plugged. Well, apparently it's fun to plug the sink and then fill it to overflowing, flooding the whole kitchen, making a puddle on the floor that's about 8x4 feet. I don't know if you can tell, but there is standing water covering the whole porcelain area, and then running out onto the floor and onto the counter tops. After I unplugged it, he immediately put the plug back in and was trying to do it again. This was deliberate!

Here is the stream running down my hallway.
Here is the silverware drawer full of water.
This pot was in the basement (next to the clean cloths-now taking turns in the dryer) catching drips. It's full.


Anonymous said...

I do enjoy that you dont freak out too much about this sort of thing... that you are cool enough to stop and take pictures... hehehe.

Oh hey did you know Nicole our cousin runs marathons? we are not the only running severs...


Renae said...

jingle meisters, you do look like the ugly forest fell on you.