Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Family Fun

Well, we had another great vacation to Branson with Bruce's family. We did Silver Dollar City and went to the Dixie Stampede, and Lambert's Cafe, and we went to the fish hatchery. We had a great time. I brought my camera to pretty much everything, but I forgot to take any pictures until we were on the way home and we stopped at the Bass Pro Shop (Bruce's favorite place in the world.) It was great fun, but I'm glad to be home. When Justice was done with his breakfast this morning, I was very happy to be able to just take him out of his high-chair and let him go. We'd been eating in restraunts while we were gone, so when we were waiting for our food, and then again when we were done, I had to fight him to keep him from running all over the restraunt. I was getting really tired of fighting him. We were either out in the open where he could run away, or he was in a car or a high-chair. It's nice to be home where I can let him go a bit. It was really a fun vacation. Bruce's family is great.

I was making salsa the day before we left. After doing about 60 jars of green beans, and about 60 jars of salsa, I am very relieved to say that I'm probably done with canning for the year! I might do some more still, but at least I don't feel obligated to do any more. Whew! I lived through the canning season.
Here are a couple of funny things that have happened recently:
Ross, for some unknown reason, doesn't like our upstairs bathroom. I think he's afraid of it, why, I don't know, but he practically refuses to use it. The other day, the kids came home from school and Ross & Lydia both needed to use the bathroom. Lydia beat him to the main floor bathroom. Ross was doing the pee pee dance in the hallway outside the bathroom door. I said "Ross, just go upstairs." He prefered doing the frantic pee pee dance. "Whatever" said I. A minute later I looked out the front window to see him peeing behind a tree our front yard. What a goofy kid! He went outside to go pee, rather than using the perfectly good upstairs bathroom. I should have given him the what-for, but I was too busy laughing at him.
Today, while I was unpacking, Justice was left to his own divices for a while. This often turns out bad for me. I discovered him on the counter top covered in flower, sugar and dishwashing liquid. He got into my cannisters and made a huge mess with the three afore mentioned items. He had opened a couple of drawers and gotten the mixture all in them too. All over the counter, the floor, in the drawers. It took me an hour to clean it up. But, I am proud to say, I didn't even get upset! I just said oh well, and cleaned it up. See, I am getting better. Okay, I've got to run! See you!

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Anonymous said...

i love the picture w/the bear,that's hysterical.
love ya!