Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mark & Other Stuff

Mark just learned to ride his bike this week. I guess he got tired of the other kids going on bike rides without him. He got his bike and started trying to ride it down the hill in our backyard. It sounds crazy, but this is actually a good way to learn the balance thing. It's not a very long hill, just about 4 or 5 feet long. But, it's enough to get you going, and it's in the grass. Lydia took up the project, and before long he was riding unassisted. Now Ross, Lydia & Mark are all taking rides around the block together.

This week was also transportation week in Kindergarten. The whole family pitched in (Bruce did most of the work) to make Mark the coolest school bus for his Kindergarten transportation parade.

This is Justice's current favorite book. It's Bearenstain Bear's -however you spell that- "Bears in the Night"(He only has about 3 books that he will sit still and listen to, so we read those 3 a lot!) Every time we get to this page, he says "Chloe!" Can you guess why?
We've had trouble with Justice getting into the refrigerator, so I tried the trick we did with Lydia when she was his age. I put a big strip of Velcro across the top of the fridge door. It kept Lydia out for a good long while. It didn't even work for a day with Justice. "Ain't no problem a chair can't fix!" (That's what I imagine he would say if he could talk that well.) For some odd reason, he always goes for the soy sauce. I wonder if he thinks it's chocolate or something. I have visions of coming into a horrid mess one day like Amy's chocolate mess.
Oh, here's a funny thing Mark did the other day. He came up to me all distraught and crying. "MOOMM, Ross kicked me in the stomach, and I only punched him!"

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That smells like Draino!