Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Half-Max

Bruce and his dad, Terry did a half-max over the weekend. That is half of the iron man distance triathlon. The half-max is a little over a mile swim in open water, 56 mile bike, and a 13.1 mile run. It's just crazy! These half & full max people are a completely different kind of animal. They both finished, but it was extreemly tough. It took them approx. 7 hours. I did the run part with Bruce. Well, I say run, but he only actually ran 8 of the 13 miles. At this point of the race, most of the contestants were completely exhausted and most of them had to walk a good portion. I, not having just swam/biked for several hours, was fresh of course and could run just fine (but of course, I went at Bruce's exhausted pace). At about mile 7 or 8, we were coming up on a porta-potty next to a water station. I needed to use the facilities, so I told Bruce that I was going to run ahead, use the potty, and then catch up with him. I tore off at a sprint and ran right past the workers of the water station. I used the potty as fast as I could and then burst out and sprinted on down the path after Bruce. Those workers looked at me so funny! Nobody had legs at this point in the run, and here I am running like the devil is after me to the potty and then out again. Anyway, it was a good time for me at least. You'll have to ask Bruce if he enjoyed it. When we were out on the course, he said "Why did I want to do this? Oh, yeah, it's a cool thing to have done, but not to be doing."

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timpani76 said...

"it's a cool thing to have done, but not to be doing"

That was so funny! I laughed out loud.