Thursday, August 09, 2007


I'm going to be such a mess when my children grow up and move away! I've been cleaning out

Lydia's cloths closet. It's a big attic closet that was completely full of girl cloths. I'd kept almost everything that she's ever worn, shoes too, in case we ever had another girl. Well, the closet was getting a to be ridiculously messy, and I couldn't find the cloths that fit her now. Anyway, I went through it and got rid of everything that is too small. I couldn't help bit get a bit misty eyed over the memories when I ran across things that she wore when she was ity-bity. So many good days in the sun! I got rid of everything except the yellow "Big sister to be" shirt. That's how we announced that Ross was on the way. Lydia wore that shirt around. I'd have kept the dress that she was blessed in, but I didn't run across it. Oh well. Here she is with her new hair cut. Doesn't she look so grown up! Sigh!


DanaCheryl said...

Lydia looks sooooo grown up! She is such a pretty girl inside and outside. Ya know it's gettin' kinda rare for a pretty little girl to be sweet but she is. You're doing an excellent job raising her! Very funny...annoucing Ross via t-shirt. Ya'll are hilarious!

Amy said...

Lyddie... I love, LOVE your haircut!! Really, really love.