Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back To School

Can you believe it...Already! Man, where did the summer go? I always feel a bit melancholy when a school year starts or ends. It's just a reminder of how my children are getting bigger all of the time. Mark is starting Kindergarten this year. Ross is in second, and Lydia is in fourth grade. Lydia is starting at a new school too. She has graduated from the primary school, sigh! It is killing me. I hope I'm not screwing their childhoods up. Anyway, it's just Justice & I at home during the day now. It's so quiet! Justice takes a good nap everyday. Do you realize how long it's been since I had a regular quiet break. Wow! This will be nice. I'm not looking forward to the homework starting up. They give so much of it! Now I will have three of them to get through it. The last time I was responsible for 3 children's homework getting done (when we were watching Noelle in the evenings), I regularly spent 2 hours a night helping with homework. And spelling tests... I hate spelling tests! Oh well, I should look at it as opportunities to spend time with my rapidly growing children. Ross got Mrs. Scates this year! She was Lydia's 2nd grade teacher, and I LOVE her! Such a good teacher! I've liked all of the teachers that we've had so far, but Mrs. Scates was my favorite. I did a happy dance when I found out that Ross had her.

We had a good time on our last night that wasn't a school night. Bruce, Lydia & I went to see Les Mis. again. Loved it. Lydia & I took a little walk when the prostitution scene came on.

I had one of those precious moments tonight. Bruce & I took the kids & Chloe for a walk in the lovely evening weather. We walked up to Hit & Run, bought ice cream, and then we went to a little park nearby & ate it. I just love hanging out with my crew. When we got a few houses away from home, we let Chloe off of her leash and she and the kids raced to the house ahead of us. I just loved seeing them all running around together. I'm being sentimental, oh well. I'm going to bed now. Love you all!

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