Sunday, August 05, 2007


My Uncle Robert and Aunt Melody had a major house fire this morning. Half of the ward weren't at church today because they were there helping out. Everyone got out fine, that's good. The roof is burnt to heck, as is the back wall of the house. Man, that has got to be awful! Makes you appreciate all that you have. People were so good though, they've had about a million offers of places to stay, and hotel rooms bought for them. Their neighbors raised over $1000 for them amongst themselves. Good people! Good news, the Crammer picture survived! ;) (They have a huge, framed picture of Crammer from Seinfeld. It was in their basement. I think one of their kids bought it for them for Christmas.) Well, what can you say, it's a sucky situation to be in, that's for sure! But it is just stuff after all, and no one was hurt. So, that's good.

In other news, we had a party in honor of Harry Potter's birthday this weekend. It was the kids' idea, but it was a good time. Todd, Suzanne, Tommy and our family went over to Mom and Dad's house for dinner, dessert and a game of muggle quiditch. I found a recipe for treacle tart on-line and I made it. It wasn't so great. Maybe I didn't do it quite right. The quiditch was great fun, we will have to do that again. Bruce and Tommy were the keepers. Todd & Lydia were the chasers for one team, and Trent was the chaser for the other team. Ashley and I played the beaters. We each had a wet wash cloth (They were supposed to be Nerf type balls, but they got lost somehow before the game even started, but the wet wash cloths turned out to be so much fun, that who cares that we didn't have the balls!) which we ran around and threw repeatedly at the other players. Ross & Suzanne were the seekers. They had to catch a certain amount of fire-flies for the game to end. It was really fun!

We were over at Mom & Dad's today, and they had this box thing out in the back yard. It was big enough for me to get into with my legs criss-crossed. It was laying down, so I was on my back with my legs inside this box criss-crossed in the air. It had an open part where my face and shoulders were. How to explain? It was kind of like if I had gotten into one of those big trashcans that they have in public places with a flat top and a flap where you put your garbage in the side, except that there was no flap, and it is laying on it's back with the flap part facing the sky. Make any sense? Anyway, the point was that I got inside all sneaky like, with the intent to lay there out of sight until someone came by, and I'd growl and grab their ankles. The only problem was that my mom saw me get in, and she did a dastardly thing! I was laying there with my legs crammed in and just my face and shoulders exposed, and I was somewhat trapped. Mom gave me away and they all came over and poured ice cold water in my face, and I pretty much couldn't do anything about it. Funny!

That reminds me of a new game we invented for family night a couple of weeks ago. We played tag with a water bottle. The person who is "it" has a squirt bottle and they tag you by squirting you. If you get wet, you get the bottle and are then "it."

It also reminds me (Boy, I am full of yammer tonight, is anyone going to actually read this whole thing?) of another time when one of my attempts to be funny backfired on me. I used to think it was really fun to draw a huge face on a pillow case, put it on over your head with your hands at the sides of your face, to make pillow case keep it's shape. Then you tuck your pillow case into a jacket that you wear around your waist. So, it looks like you have this huge funny head and really short legs. (The jacket covers down to about your knees.) You dance around, and it's comical. Anyway, we were over at Mom and Dad's a couple of years back, and I thought I'd be funny and go into the other room and quick do one of these get ups, then run out and convulse everyone. Well, convulse everyone, I did. The problem was that I picked out a pillow case that was a bit too small for me. I had just got the whole thing on (I did the jacket first) when I realized that I was stuck inside this pillowcase. I was starting to get a little claustrophobic, so I ran out of the room, in this lunatic get up, yelling, "Help, help, I'm stuck!" I think John nearly wet himself laughing at me.


Anonymous said...

i read the whole thing. the quidditch sounds great!
see you real soon.

John the demigod

DanaCheryl said...

Of course I read the entire thing. Renae you are a valuable resource for wonderful knowledge...killer pancake, muggle quidditch, completely unique ways of entertaining myself and others and much more. Besides you keep me totally "in-the-know" with the Edwardsville ward since you're related to most of them. :)

I am just overwhelmed with sadness and surprise about Robert and Melody's house. Thankfully everyone is OK and Kramer survived. ;) How much of the house was damaged? Can it be repaired? Bless their hearts. Please, please give them my love!

Renae said...

Hey Dana! Always good to hear from you! I've got an email that tells pretty much all about Robert's situation. I'll send you a forward. Thank you for reading me! It's always nice to know that people read my drivel.

DanaCheryl said...

Drivel, Scmivel... Renae you are brillant. Not only do I read it. I LOOK FORWARD to reading it. Thanks for the email update on Robert and Melody. Oh and Hi John the demigod please tell your demigoddess wife howdy for me. :)