Saturday, June 16, 2007

My Half Week At Girl's Camp

Yes, I got to go to girl's camp this year, for the first time since I was a YW myself. They called me to be the camp director! I have to say that I had a blast and was a little sorry that the week was over so fast. I was a little concerned about how my children were going to handle me not being there, especially the J-Bird. But everyone seemed to have survived just fine. Bruce took the week off of work so he could stay home. Lydia, from what I hear, put the big sister/second mother mode into high-gear, and made herself indispensable.

I've heard that there are often problems with girls and/or leaders quarrelling among themselves during girl's camp, and to some degree ruining the thing. But, I can honestly say that we had almost none of that at all. We leaders got along fabulously, and I feel like we all bonded. There was like one minor quarrel among the bee-hives, but overwhelmingly, the girls were all great! I loved it, and I really hope they ask me back!

On the home front, my Bruce & the rest of my family were amazing! Bruce threw himself into a frenzy of work as soon as I left. Actually, it started before I left. A husband who has been in scouts forever, and is a real outdoors man is a huge help when preparing for girl's camp! He basically told me everything that I would need to bring, and then proceeded to pack it all into the truck for me. He even did a shopping trip for me! He filled up half of the truck bed with fire wood for me. I'd have never gotten out the door without him! So, while I was gone he: demolished the shed out back -this is a good thing-, put up all of the trim in the living room, along with some painting, tore out all of the radiant heaters on the main floor, which got rid of the stupid pillar thing in my bathroom. He did some landscaping in the front yard, and put a door to my laundry room and a door to Ross & Mark's bedroom. He also got rid of our nasty fish tank. The children cried when they put Gill (our one fish, a bluegill that he caught at the lake a couple of years ago) back into the lake. Bruce said that Gill stayed there in the water next to them for a minute and looked up at them. I've been griping about that nasty fish tank for a while, and half asking him to get rid of it, but I didn't think that he'd really do it. Its algae covered glass was a testament, in my living room of how things don't always get done around our house. Anyway, my husband is awesome, what can I say!

Girl's camp was great, we have some supper, truly wonderful girls in our ward! I've got to run now!

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