Monday, June 25, 2007

Bruce Pulls An Uncle Reid

Ross had two of his buddies over for a sleep-over last night, Tyler & Dax. All of the kids (except Justice) slept in the living room, in sleeping bags. Bruce & I heard them in their talking when they were supposed to be going to sleep. Ross, to my amusement & dismay at the same time, was in there bragging about all of his girlfriends. He kept naming names and saying "she used to be my girlfriend, but now we're enemies." I think this just means that they were girls who he had/has crushes on, but he doesn't want his friends to know that he likes them. He kept emphasizing the "enemies" part. Man, isn't it a bit soon for him to be bragging about his girlfriends. Boys!

Anyway, they started telling scary stories. Bruce thought it would be funny to scare them. I suggested that he climb out of the window, which he did. He snuck around and started knocking on the window. They of course came to our bedroom door (which I had locked) and were all scared. Bruce, by then had come back and was standing at my window, so he could stick his head in and tell them to go back to sleep. It was funny. I eventually came out to "see what was the matter." Bruce waited until he had them all looking out of the window and snuck up from the side and yelled right in their faces. They all screamed! It was funny. Lydia didn't take it too well though, she made Chloe (our 100lb Labrador) sleep with her.

In other news, my knee has been giving me a bit of trouble, so I took a couple of weeks off of the running. Instead, I've been biking with Bruce, something I've never been into at all. As it turns out, I have a bit of a talent for biking. Bruce says that if I keep it up, I'll be better than him. He wants to train me up and spring me on his Tuesday night riding group at the end of summer and surprise everyone with my blazing speed. (Whatever!) It must be those Sever quads or something. The only problem is that, while I do enjoy it, I'm a bit afraid of riding. People crash on bikes, and get hurt. Bruce seems to think that if I don't pursue it, it would be a horrible waste! I don't know. He does love to have a protegee, doesn't he!

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