Saturday, June 16, 2007

Never Mind, I Take It All Back! ;)

Ross has been asking for a mohawk since before school let out. Bruce had said "maybe after school is done." Lydia got me good with a lawyer trick. We were talking about cutting Justice's hair, and she said something like "Won't it take a long time for it to grow back?" I said "No." She then replied, "Then it won't take long for Ross's hair to grow back either, if he gets a mohawk." Anyway, just for the record, I never agreed to this. Well, I did finally say okay, but only for a week. Bruce is supposed to cut it off before church next Sunday. I wonder if that will really happen?


Anonymous said...

it's just hair right? it'll grow back. renae, i love your blog just for the amusement factor. i never know what you or your children are going to do next!!
love ya!

Anonymous said...

You are doing THE DEVIL'S work!

love ya