Thursday, June 28, 2007

Monkey See Monkey Do

I believe that John is ultimately responsible for this method of getting a drink. Justice learned this from Ross & Mark. I asked Ross where he got it from, he said Trent. So this is what I think has transpired. John started getting a drink like this, Trent learned it from him, Ross & Mark learned it from Trent, and now Justice has learned it from them. Too funny.


Anonymous said...

how did he get up there? that's what i want to know. and i get a little wriggle every time john drinks that way cause he has to stick his rear end way out 'cause he's so tall! anyway, i think it's funny. love you!
ps just for everyone's general information, my birthday is on saturday, and i am excepting all gifts, cards and phone calls that anyone would like to tender on this joyous occasion. :)

Anonymous said...

my legacy... its the little things that define TRUE genius