Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Sister, The Bag Lady

     I am so proud of my sister, the bag lady.  Ashley is 25 years old and handicapped.  I am convinced that you couldn't find a sweeter girl anywhere.  A little over a year ago, someone from our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, got her interested in making satchels, filling them with school supplies, and then donating them to an organization within the church, who in turn distributes them to needy children, world-wide. 

     Last year, around this time, she succeeded in making about 125 bags, and filling them with supplies.  This year's haul was around the same number.  From the smile on her face and the excitement in her voice, as she shows me all of the bags she has painstakingly sewn together, it is clear that she just loves to help.  I am truly in awe of her accomplishments. 

     Ashley took it upon herself to beg for and gratefully accept many yards and yards of fabric and school supplies donated from friends, family, and church members.  What supplies were still needed to fill this massive load of bags, she and her parents paid for out of their own pockets, taking advantage of post back to school sales.  It is fun to see the gleam in her eyes as she describes her bargains.  "Trent and I bought 90 rulers today for just ten cents a piece!"  

     I can't imagine how many hours she has put into carefully cutting out and then sewing together close to two hundred fifty satchels.  "I was a lot faster this year than last year."  she told me.  I just love to picture kids all over the world carrying around the bags that my wonderful sister, Ashley, the bag lady, has lovingly put together, freely giving of her own time and resources.  Love you Kiddo!  You are just awesome!!


JG said...

You are so right. Ashley is so awesome! That is such a wondeful thing to do. Give her hugs for me and thanks for posting this.

Jenny said...

Wow, that is amazing! Ashley's bags all look fantastic. I bet the kids that receive Ashley's totes are so thrilled to have them. Way to go, Ashley!

Thanks for sharing this, Renee. So inspiring :)

Jenny (GuppyLovesShark) said...
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